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A limousine is a car built on the basis of standard cars of higher class by extending the standard body with a special insertion between the front and rear doors. Typically, the length of the insert is 50" (1.27 meters = 25.39 mm), 60" (1.52 meters), 70" (1.78 meters), 100" (2.54 meters), 120" (3.05 meters). Inserts of 150"(3.8m) and 165"(4.19m) length are sometimes found. The most common inserts are 60" and 120" long

Sometimes the car is extended between the rear doors and the wheel arch with an insert length of 10" to 25" (0.25 to 0.63 meters). Car manufacturers do not recommend lengthening a limousine based on a passenger car by more than 120" (Lincoln) or 130" (Cadillac) or carrying more than 8 passengers (the weight of the car with passengers should not exceed 7485lbs (about 3395kg), otherwise it would not comply with US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations (FMVSS). In order to fit the weight into these standards, the front right-hand seat, right-hand airbags and belts are removed if necessary, plastics and aluminum alloys are used instead of steel to make stretch inserts. Limousines extended by more than 120" - 130" are not certified for use on public roads (in some states), and the manufacturer does not guarantee the safety of such a vehicle and requires the removal of all brand emblems.

Limousine: the difference between a limousine and a standard car

A limousine differs from a standard donor car by its reinforced suspension, reinforced brakes, more efficient engine cooling, cabin heating and air conditioning systems. Usually limousines are produced not by plants that produce base cars, but by special body firms. There are 46 of them in the USA, but only 21 of them have QVM certificate (Quality Vehicle Manyfacturing), and only 30 of them approached FORD or GM for design approval.

The division which was invented by transport agencies (super, ultra, super, hyper, luxury, VIP) does not reflect anything concrete, in fact the division is made according to the number of inserted windows, arrangement of sofas and number of lamps on a limousine board. The word limousine already implies both VIP and luxury, along with the super.

Allegedly, the more windows and the longer the car, the more prestigious. But after all, a 120" long insert may have from one to three windows. And the most expensive and prestigious limousines of heads of state are lengthened by 60" maximum.

The length of the limousine is best represented by the length of the insert, but this information is carefully concealed - adding the length of a standard car of 5.5 meters to the length of the insert, you get the true length of the limousine, which will be shorter than the advertised length by 1.5 - 3 meters. In reality, limousines are usually divided according to their purpose.

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